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Via Wooster..

Lichtfaktor has some pretty sweet photos of their lightwriting.. You can also find some info on their tecnique and gear.. Looks like a lot of fun..

Click here to view their awesome video..

Lichtfaktor : lightwriting..
Lichtfaktor : lightwriting video..

Have a look at the high end wood craftsmanship by Take-G (Takeji Nakagawa).. By joining different combinations of Japanese wood.. He is able to produce items with contrasting colors/textures/details.. I'm really feeling the the spacecruiser in the background.. and the chair that transforms into a push-kart.. Nice..

Take-G Toys : High-end Japanese craftsmanship by Takeji..

For the musically inclined/DJ set.. BPM - Issue#82 is now available for your perusal online.. You can also go to your local bookstore/magazine shop if you prefer the feel and "always-ready to read-ness" of a hardcopy..

BPM Magazine : Issue #82..

See the live version of the Ferrari F1 history commercial.. All in celebration for their 60th anniversary.. Plus free donuts for everyone (not the kind you eat)!!..
Still lovin' the sound of those prancing horses roaring by..

Ferrari : History flying by....

I'm feelin' the art of Stina Persson.. I love her portrayal of Palmira and the rest of her friends.. Nice vibrant hues with an edgy look..

Stina Persson :: Palmira..

I'm going to order a Demekin for myself today.. Named after the miniature Japanese goldfish.. This is one of the smallest fish eye cameras out there.. Uses 110 film which is still readily available.. Produces decent photos as per below.. Plenty of Lomo sauce all over this camera..

Demekin :: Small form factor fish eye camera..

Found both of these via Core77 today.. Both are made from cardboard composites..

The Packaging for Re-use project takes the packaging that the laptop comes in.. and re-uses it to become a laptop sleeve.. Instead of polyfoam for protective casing.. you get wool felt which becomes the flaps and handle.. Follow the included instructions.. And a few minutes later.. you've got yourself a great DIY sleeve for the laptop you just bought.. Reduce waste.. Gain laptop protection..

Eoin McNally :: Packaging for Re-use..

And also after a few origamic folds.. you get the 2kg Papton Chair.. One of the best folding chairs that I've seen yet..

Fuchs + Funke :: Papton Chair..

Have a game tomorrow.. Haven't played in a while.. Might the T90 Lasers help?? If not physically.. maybe mentally.. Supple kanga leather with SPP tech for enhanced ball control and shooting accuracy.. Go melo-yellow!!!..

Don't forget to watch the sweet slow motion shots after the jump!!!..

Nike :: T90 Laser..

Do your own fixie ID over at Pedalmafia.. Great way to waste time and still enjoy..

Pedalmafia :: Pedal ID..

I haven't shot a bow and arrow since my homemade aluminum 'ninja' bow that I fashioned as a kid wayyyy back in the early 80's.. But after seeing the Air-Rest in action.. My interest in archery has again been sparked.. What makes this product stand out is that it uses magnets to keep the bow levitated in place as you shoot.. That means nothing touches the arrow after release.. The vanes of the arrow remain undamaged as you fire.. and there is no friction.. Which equals better accuracy..

Air-Rest :: Extended Levitation..

I am a big fan of the old-school Unimogs.. I will have one one day..

Classic UniMogs :: Go anywhere in style..

I saw this chair last week.. but failed to notice its transformation capabilities.. See how the Ulo Chair transforms for yourself.. Changes from upright to lounger easily/quickly/minimalistically..

Ulo Chair :: by Ian Walton..

Carpy makes some sweet Honda CB750 cafe racers.. Check out all the bikes after the jump.. Lots of before/during/after photos.. so you can see the process/evolution..

Steve 'Carpy' Carpenter :: Honda CB750 Cafe Racer specialist..

Do your double take now.. And no.. the MV Augusta 60cc Monomoto Superleggera is not missing it's rear wheel.. This thing is a gas-powered unicycle!!!.. Cool and odd at the same time.. Must be a blast to ride.. I keep thinking that this thing belongs in a steampunk style anime..

MV Augusta :: 60cc Monomoto Superleggera..

Jumpman presents the Black Cats .. You will be able to get your paws/claws on them on 6.16.2007.. The Jordan Threes have always been one of my favorites.. And this all-black edition will be a must get for myself.. Hmmm... Fathers Day is coming up..

Go and check out Darin Hager's works.. He's worked on plenty of shoes and designs.. My faves of his are the Puma Kendos.. the OTB Odhins.. and the Heyday Henrys..

Darin Hager : shoe designer extra-ordinaire..

Also of interest is the Sac └ Faire..That's French for -> Bag to be made.. This DIY kit consists of a 100x70cm Tyvek sheet with 5 different bag patterns printed on each side.. Cut out the desired bag pattern and sew.. Nice..

Sac └ Faire :: A DIY bag by Marlene Liska...

For those who like things analog/old-school.. I've updated the G73 PanoPin35 Gallery with roll number four..

G73 Pano Pinhole 35 Gallery :: Roll #4..

And don't forget to check out this Puma Urban Mobility Ltd. Edition Bag.. Upper end targeted.. Only 600 will be made.. Each with its own limited edition number engraved on it.. White nappa leather with black edging sitting on an Eames-like cherry base that has metal feet for protection.. Also comes with two multifunctional white leather pouches.. Limited release in May.. Global release in July..

Puma :: Urban Mobility Ltd. Edition Bag..

Found a nice article on one of my fave graf artists -> DELTA.. Answers to questions and images after the jump..

Boris Tellegen :aka: DELTA..

Last week my man Binzo pointed me to the Reactable vid1 and Reactable vid2.. My brother further expounded that he was at the recent Bj÷rk concert that played in Vancouver and was tripped out by the Reactable's live usage on stage.. Looks like endless hours of fun..

Reactable :: collaborative electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible multi-touch interface..

Sorry for the lack of postings.. Dealing with a death in the family.. I want to thank everyone for all your support and condolences..

Please stay tuned for news in the next day or so..

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