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Via Highsnobiety
I like this Weapon Of Art graphic by Alphanumeric..

Alphanumeric :: Weapon Of Art..

And in the same tone.. here's a camera-carbine mashup that I like.. It's the Paillard Bolex H8 Mi .. Looks like it was used during the Vietnam war era to capture steady cam action scenes of the time..

Paillard Bolex :: Camera Carbine..

I'm hoping that Killspencer continues to go forward as planned.. Check the video and you'll want it to go forward too.. High end hardware vs. re-used military fabrics.. In this case.. equals good stuff..

Killspencer :: recycle into high end bags and accessories..

This piece of equipment actually helps you focus in on what day it is.. The Telephoto Calendar has a ring that handles a part of the complete date string.. which makes for a very unique calendar.. Nice..

Telephoto :: Calendar..

Love the aggressive look of this BMW Z4m Bridgestone MR-Coupe.. Love the racing lines that originate from the headlights.. The only one thing that bugs me is that extra space in the top of the rear wheel well.. A fatter tire back there maybe?..

BMW :: Z4 MR-Coupe..

Couple of bikes over at BIKE.EXIF that have caught my eye.. One old.. One new.. Both with wheels of two..

BIKE.EXIF :: Motorcycle visualities..

Again.. two things of interests to me.. origami.. and chair design.. So once again.. I present to you something of both.. The Folded Chair by Enoc Armengol.. Folded from a single sheet of stainless steel.. The cuts and folds of the chair itself complement when the chairs sit side by side..

Enoc Armengol :: Folded Chair..

The latest issue of BPM is out.. Revenge of the Rebel DJs and much more.. Check it for sure..

BPM :: Issue 95..

I was reading a book on antique firearms the other day.. when I noticed a photo of the Mauser C96 Pistol.. The form factor of this gun appealed to me right away.. and I was surprised to find out that it was designed and built way back in 1896! For a gun that is over a hundred years old.. it looks quite modern.. It was actually one of the first successful automatic handguns to go into production.. It was used by Winston Churchill during his early days as a British officer (and helped save his life).. After looking at this piece.. it dawned on me that it looked very much like Han Solo's blaster! And what do you know.. Han's blaster is actually a modified/souped-up C96.. Awesome..

Mauser C96 :: Winston Churchill Vs.Han Solo..

Much thanks to my man JSC for sending me this link..
Dope 1/9th scale fixie models.. Can customize all the different parts to make it look like your own bike.. or the bike you've always wanted.. Very nice..

Pedal I.D. :: 1/9th scale fixie models..

Sorry folks.. been away in the wilderness for a week without any electricity/signals anywhere.. just got into the airport.. thank God they have WiFi.. Don't get me wrong.. It was nice to be off the grid for some relaxation.. Anyways here's my post for today..

I've always thought that the stock version was too "cute" for my taste.. But this Alfa MiTo Marangoni M430 version has taken out the cute and replaced it with better things instead.. 233bhp.. scissor doors.. tougher face.. rear diffuser.. custom red shoes and more.. Now that's a car I would drive..

Alfa Romeo MiTo :: Marangoni M430 version..

For the serious cyclist.. F1/supercar engineering firm BERU has informed me that they now have a working prototype for their Factor 001 bicycle.. Designed from scratch.. This square-tube carbon fibre features world class brakes and integrated multi-channel biometrics for post-ride analysis..

BERU f1systems :: Factor 001 bicycle..

After many years of use and abuse.. my Casio WQV3 watch cam finally stops ticking/clicking..

Golgo73 :: Casio WQV3 watch camera..

If you tend to drop your electronics every now and then.. then the LaCie Rugged Hard Disk is the right portable hard drive for you.. Shock absorbing external and internals allow it to survive drops of up to 15 ft.. Perfect..

Lacie :: Rugged Hard Disk Drive..

The Batman part of me really likes these E.O.D. Robotics Pocket Grappling Hooks.. For use in combat.. both were designed to snag trip/detonation wires on IEDs (improvised explosive devices).. Made out of stainless steel.. with o-ring seals.. Although not designed to carry human weight.. I'm sure it can be used as such in an emergency Batman..

E.O.D. Robotics :: Pocket Grappling Hooks..

Liking the surreal artwork in The Adventures of Dystopia Green by artist Peter Hoffman.. It's like Alice in Wonderland vs. Tokyo vs. the zoo vs. the past-present-future..

Peter Hoffman :: Dystopia Green..

Sort of a mix between an HK PDW and a HK MP-5.. However this BT TM-7 fires paintballs instead of bullets.. "Mini" technology keeps the internals and external form factor nice and compact.. Collapsible stock and foregrip.. Multiple firing modes.. Capable of sending 20 ball per second your way.. Perfect for CQB scenarios.. Not your typical paintball gun.. It rather kicks ass..

Battle Tested :: TM-7 Paintball Gun..

Origami fan I am (Yoda voice).. Han Solo's ship too.. Hence the link to the origami Millenium Falcon.. It's the only example I could find that incorporates both the righ-side cockpit and the top-side radar dish..

Star Wars :: Origami Millenium Falcon..

Being a fan of pop-up books and of Star Wars.. I'm looking forward to adding the Star Wars Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy to my collection..

Star Wars :: Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy..

When my kid and I browsed it a few months back.. she was impressed when Vader's and Luke's lightsabers actually lit up and made sound effects.. I liked all the little details.. like the face of Anakin appearing briefly as the Darth Vader helmet popped into position (check the video).. Really nice book..

Star Wars :: Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy..

Happy New Year!

Below is the Golgo73 Top10 for 2008..

1.. Pantone Prints..

Pantone Prints :: 73 pages deep..

2.. Duke Togo a.k.a. Golgo13..

Duke Togo :: Golgo 13..

3.. B.C. Bench..

Zachary Fluker :: B.C Bench..

4.. Phonophone II..

Science & Sons :: Phonophone II sculptural audio console..

5.. Honda Zoomer/Ruckus..

Honda :: Zoomer/Ruckus..

6.. ABC3D..

Marion Bataille :: A B C 3 D popup book..

7.. Freeman Transport and BTC-Bicycle Torque Couplings..

Freeman Transport :: Travel/Take-down Fixie..
S & S BTC :: Bicycle Torque Couplings.

8.. Bertie..

Bertie :: World War Robot..

9.. unfold..

Working Class Heroes : unfold -> laptop bag..

10.. Subaru vs. local riders..

Ken Block : Subaru WRX rallycar vs. riders..




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